For professionals

Regardless of your role, you play an important part in protecting children and young people in West Lothian.

You have the following responsibilities:

  1. To be aware of Edinburgh and Lothians Child Protection Procedures and your organisation's child protection policy / procedure
  2. To be alert to indicators of concern in children and young people you come into contact with
  3. To respond to concerns you have about a child by acting in accordance with your organisation's procedure.


The downloads below will support you in fulfilling these responsibilities:

7 Minute Briefings

Case Reviews

I have been asked to attend a Child Protection Case Conference. What does that involve?

Everyone invited to a Child Protection case Conference is expected to provide a report and attend the meeting. If at all possible staff should ensure that parents attending case conferences are aware of the content of your report.

More detailed information about Child Protection Case Conferences is in Section 11 of the Edinburgh and Lothians Inter-agency Child Protection Procedures 2015.

Further information on your role is in the leaflet: 

You should receive a copy of this with your invitation. Please take time to consider it, especially if you have not attended a Child Protection Case Conference very often.