What if you're Right?

Child Protection Committees Scotland have partnered with Barnardo's Scotland to raise awareness of Child Sexual Abuse.

06 February

The campaign highlights both the immediate and long term consequences of child sexual abuse and encourages members of the public to overcome hesitation about reporting concerns.

Instead of worrying about being wrong and doing nothing, the campaign urges people to think What If You're Right? and take action to get help for that child.

Testimony from survivors makes it clear that child sexual abuse not only harms children at the time of the abuse, but the consequences can last for a lifetime.

The campaign runs from 6 February until 19 February. The campaign webpage is Child Protection Scotland (opens new window)

If you are worried about a child in West Lothian call the Duty and Child Protection Team on 01506 284440. If you think a child is in immediate danger call the Police on 999.