For parents and carers

Information for families living in Scotland

In Scotland parents and carers are responsible for the safety and wellbeing of their children.

More information about the law in Scotland can be found in the leaflet "Information for families living in Scotland":

Autistic Missing Person Protocol

The Autistic Missing Person Protocol has been developed by Police Scotland in consultation with Scottish Autism and is being piloted throughout Lothian and Scottish Borders.

It is a simple risk reduction tool to help individuals, families, schools and other organisations assist Police in the event an autistic adult or child goes missing.

It consists of a form which contains vital information about sensory needs, communication abilities, responses and reactions, favourites places and a photograph with consent to share on social media (if needed).  

The form can be passed to Police at the point the vulnerable child or adult is reported missing and avoids unnecessary delays in gathering information at a time of crisis. As well as keeping a copy of the form within the place of residence, consideration should also be given to have a copy within the school, work or any other service provider where the person may attend.


Everyone has a responsibility to make sure children are safe and well cared for.
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